Our History

Brumby Hill Aboriginal was incorporated on the 13th of January 2017, and we applied for a Jobs Land and Economy funding through the Prime Minister and Cabinet in February 2017, BHAC was granted its first contract in July 2017, 35 places in the Northwest of Tasmania.

Being the sole trader of BHAC I recruited 2 Aboriginal people to work with me to assist Aboriginal job seekers into sustainable employment across the North-West of Tasmania.

All three staff members have had previous experience working in Employment services for the last 17 years, all of us have a passion to see ATSI Aboriginal people young and old to gain long term ongoing employment and be supported with extra training and life skills through mentoring.

We all enjoy practicing our culture, including hunting, and gathering and regularly enjoy sharing traditional meals with our family. As staff members we all get together from time to time to also enjoy traditional meals.